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Do You Know the Full Scoop on Condiments and Spices?

Do You Know the Full Scoop on Condiments and Spices? - NouBess | Online Shop | Gemma's Living LLC

You love hot sauce and hot and spicy condiments, and you use them in many of your meals. You even dip or drizzle hot sauce or condiment on your potato chips, pork rinds, fries, pizza, and just about anything else that you eat.

However, how much do you really know about sauces and condiments? There’s quite a bit to learn about them, and you might not be able to find the best hot sauces in your local grocery store. You might have to head online to get the best.

Look for Quality Ingredients

When you are choosing new hot and spicy condiments, dried spices, and hot sauce to add to your collection, you should always make it a point to look at the ingredients that the company is using. You want to find those that utilize fresh spices and herbs and quality chiles. You do not want to choose a sauce that uses artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives, or MSG. Good ingredients are important when crafting a great hot sauce, and buyers should be aware of what they are eating.

Newbie starter
Newbie starter

Experiment With New Sauces

When you choose a new hot sauce that you’ve found, whether it is at the grocery store or on the web, you want to start out slowly. Different styles and brands of hot sauce are going to have different levels of heat. Just because you can put on a lot of Louisiana-style hot sauce does not mean that you are ready to use as much of a spicier option. When you get the new hot sauce, use a little at first and get an idea of just how much heat it truly packs.

Do You Know the Full Scoop on Condiments and Spices?
Do You Know the Full Scoop on Condiments and Spices?

Keep in mind also that new hot sauces are not just going to add heat. They will have a unique flavor, and you want to make sure that the flavor is something that is going to work with different types of foods and dishes that you are preparing. For example, in addition to the “regular” hot sauces out there, you can also find some interesting and delicious options that utilize fruit, such as mango or pineapple. These can add a new dimension to hot sauce.

Hot and Spicy Lover
Hot and Spicy Lover

There are many different types of hot sauces available today. Take the time to experiment with as many options as you can and choose those that you feel will make a good impact on the foods that you prepare and that you feel your family and friends will all enjoy.


Originally Published on Caribbean Green Living on July 29, 2018 

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